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0-24V 0-3A Switch mode Power Supply project STM32F

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the STM32F40X in the project based on switched power switch mode works as size too small voltage 0-24 and 0-3a can be made between the current setting information is displayed on LCD screen voltage and current of the RGB LED.

STM32F40X other things that are used outside integrated circuits, transistors, etc. I don’t think it would be found on the market the new generation, but in power electronics for the arm library code all the source code and given a good example.

STM32F Power Supply

0 24V 0 3A Switch mode Power Supply project STM32F power supply 0 24V 0 3a arm stm32f40x switch mode

source: sebulli.com alternative link: 0-24v-0-3a-switch-mode-power-supply-project-stm32f.rar

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