LCD Repair COF Chip Diagrams

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LCD Repair COF Chip Diagrams

LCD Panel repair. Connection, information diagrams about COF chip (Chip On Film) repair. COF chips are small chips used in LCD panels to multiplex digital video signals. The diagrams indicate test points for operating voltages. COF faults result in errors such as a blank screen, gradual blackout, or colored horizontal lines. What is usually done in these cases is to bridge a very thin wire from the T-CON board to the point where it loses voltage on the COF chip. This information may come in handy when you need to fix such malfunctions in LCD repair.

What is COF Chip on Film

COF (Chip on Film) is a type of Tape Automatic Bonding (TAB) that was created in the United States as an alternative to Wire Bonding and has been continuously developed to date.

It plays a role in exchanging signals with external electronic components, by connecting the chip and the film that acts as the substrate. Mainly used for TV, Monitor, Laptop, etc. Applies to devices. Recently, it is widely applied to high-performance display products such as Automotive and Smartphone.

Making continuous progress in COF Package technology since 2004, LB Lusem is currently offering 2 Metals, Tape Splicing, Thermal Reduction, SMT COF etc. It offers various solutions to customer requirements such as

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Published: 2023/04/07

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