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Viper22A Power LED driver 350mA 3W

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the Viper22A ICS with PWM control built on 350mA power LED driver circuit without insulation, without the use of the transformer was achieved. Design of series-connected 1W LED 350mA output current is limited to 3 pcs made to run. Input Voltage: 90 to 265V short circuit protection between.

Viper22A Power LED driver 350mA 3W viper22a power led surucu devresi smps 3w led driver

note LED driver capacitor connections caution notice high voltage circuit operates with + – reverse polarity if you connect to the circuit line may be large explosions before running the insured electricity at high voltage,protective eye glasses

source: st.com/web/en/catalog/tools/PF243079 Viper22A LED sürücü devresi şema, pcb (gerber) diğer dökümanlar alternatif link: viper22a-power-led-driver-350ma-3w.rar

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