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Non-isolated Power Supply ViPer12A ViPer22A Desinger

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“Vıper12 the vıper22 non-isolated power supply desinger” ST Microelectronics firm VIPer from the series viper12 viper22 integrated prepare for the non-insulated SMPS power supply design program especially white LEDs, power LEDs to run the various circuits can be designed or over-current uninteresting to any circuit feeds used in the core of the transformer coil is used instead of the construction will be a little easier.

Non isolated Power Supply  ViPer12A ViPer22A Desinger VIPer12A E VIPer22A E buck boost schematic circuit smps

0.500ma from power (12v, according to the exit, this value varies) circuits can

Output voltage selection – step 1

Non isolated Power Supply  ViPer12A ViPer22A Desinger smps viper Output voltage selection 2

Operations In the output voltage window the user must set:
● output voltage
● output current
● output voltage ripple.

The results are the needed capacitance value and equivalent series resistance (ESR) of the output capacitor.

VIPer selection – step 2

Non isolated Power Supply  ViPer12A ViPer22A Desinger VIPer selection smps st switch mode powersupply

1. Device selection: the software automatically selects the device based on the output

2. Operating mode: discontinuous mode is set by default but the user can change it to

3. Maximum ambient temperature: has an impact on power dissipation, thus on the
converter’s power capability.

4. Case-ambient thermal resistance: the default value can be decreased and power
dissipation improved by providing a heat sink.

AC/DC input – step 3

1. Input voltage range selection:
– 110 V range
– 230 V range
– Full range

2. Input ripple selection

3. Hold-up cycles selection

4. Line frequency selection: 50 or 60 Hz

Output inductance selection – step 4

In the inductor setting window, the user can change the default inductor by either choosing another inductor in a given database, or directly entering the inductance value, ESR, ISAT and parasitic capacitance of the custom inductor. The inductor is used for energy storage, and its selection depends on the output power and on the power switch.
A custom ferrite inductor must be used in case of high output power converters. For low
output power converters an axial insulated inductor can be used. The drawback of this low
cost solution is the higher series resistance that could affect the efficiency of the converter. The inductance value determines whether the circuit operates in discontinuous mode or in continuous mode for a given output current.

In addition, “documention” used by the department of integrated information and related application notes datasheet’s. Program: non-isolated-power-supply-viper12a-viper22a-desinger.rar alternative link2 alternative link3

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