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Parallel Port DC Motor Speed ​​Control with Turbo C

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Turbo C Of dc motors speed control done in two ways first excitation current by modifying it happens for the moment does not concern us Another method applied voltage by changing the motor speed can change thus this method is the usage of applied voltage DC (Direct Current) chopper (Converter) circuit is replaced by.

Parallel Port DC Motor Speed ​​Control Schematic

Parallel Port DC Motor Speed ​​Control with Turbo C dc motor lptport surucu devresi

Speed Control Turbo C Software

void main(){
int i,j;
printf("\n\n\nport 'a information has been sent");
outport(0x378,1);  //Parallel port to send the number 1
delay(3);                       // 3 ms to wait transmission time 
outport(0x378,0);  // Parallel port to send the digit 0 
delay(10);         // Wait time 10 ms segments
outport(0x378,0);  // parallel port reset

source crosswinds.net/~enginar18/dcmotorhiz.htm

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