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Water Softener Descaling Circuit

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An intermediate wondered release I but am incapable of following a circuit electronic descaling time microcontroller with those piayasa sold in would perhaps there is still TLC 556 dual timing integrates made with the same function as a circuit Antrak newspaper Prepared by: TA2 is Göktay Alba Plans

Lime Remover Water Softener Circuit

Adam says: I just moved into a new home. I moved to a new house I looked at my old house by the water pressure is quite low. One of my new neighbors, the problem was caused by water hardness, so the inside of water pipes is filled with lime was said and continued: Here comes the water contains large amounts of calcium and magnesium minerals. These minerals, water pipes inside the washing machine in the resistance, in short contact with water in the shower head wherever we accumulate in our calcification bring this event occurs.

When I read this part of the article I’m confused, I often see on TV immediately after the washing machine has stopped shaking in the hands of a mechanic, later covered in lime washing machine resistance came in front of my eyes. I’m already malady in that ad. Yah, if he can not work with water in certain types of machine, why do not we tell you that when buying or manual (this machine is very gentle tools, work with each s) I do not write a warning letter? Rear quickly adds up: Falcon!! If you use each side of your machine becomes a gleaming …

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Water Softener Descaling Circuit hard water circuit

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An oscillator with an integrated TLC556 is done. This oscillator 800 kHz to 2.5. Ranging from a triangle wave scanning frequency is achieved. PVC or a plastic tube wound on this wave is sent to the coil L1. Produced in the oscillator wave rectified by the diode D1 D6 LED burns. This LED is lit, it indicates that the waves produced is sent to the coil.

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Water Softener Descaling Circuit iyonlar

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