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Subwoofer Amplifier Circuits TDA7294

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TDA7294 Amplifier IC prepared with two different subwoob bass amp circuit and they both look alike 200w that circuit 2 TDA7294 bridge connecting power enhanced bass filter Katinka’s supply 5 .6 w a small transformer is taken from the fact amp supply being regulated it can be fed di but this way more been a good case can be made according to the conventional system. TDA7294 circuit 1 circuit which used 100-watt than other simple …

Two-speed PCB design at it’s very smart and shared all the details pcb, diagram layout, etc. ..

Subwoofer Amplifier Circuits TDA7294 tda7294 subwoofer tda7294 bass amplifier

Subwoofer Amplifier Circuits TDA7294 tda7294 200w subwoofer tda7294 bass amplifier

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