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Micro Robotic Fly screen cleaner AT90LS8535 Robot BUG

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A very interesting robot project ratchet içintasarl been cleaning the flapper cleaner robot brain of the system microcontroller atmel at90ls8535 source software given c.

Uygulayamasa sections of the circuit on the robot project source software can be useful, especially H-bridge motor driver section hyperlinked’s MOSFET driver stage

Screen Cleaner Robot Project

Micro Robotic Fly screen cleaner AT90LS8535 Robot BUG Sineklik temizleme robotu atmel at90ls8535 bocek robot

Mr. FISC (Micro Robotic Fly & Insect Screen Cleaner), was designed to help the average household owner reclaim their free time, by automatically cleaning household fly screens. The goal was to produce a device that would achieve this task with little or no human input, and be sized and priced appropriately for the average Australian family. Like many other household appliances, Mr. FISC is designed to operate using standard AA battery cells.

A wide range of technologies were engineered into the design including:

3.3V Low power electronics
Micro controllers
Micro DC motors
Battery power

Mr. FISC uses a dry brushing technique to remove foreign material from the fly screen. As Mr. FISC drives along, it drags beneath it hard and soft brushing material ensuring the surface and gaps of the fly screen mesh are well cleaned. Magnets are used to clamp Mr. FISC and a backing plate on opposing sides of the screen. This allows the backing plate to freely follow along as cleaning takes place.

Future developments could see the introduction of solar power, to charge and operate the device. Reductions in size are also a possibility, using smaller motors and a custom gearing system. This would also result in a smaller power requirement, which means fewer battery cells and further decreases in size.

Source: http://innovexpo.itee.uq.edu.au/2003/exhibits/s363161/ Author: Andrew Noel Oudyn Robotic Fly screen cleaner project files alternative link: micro-robotic-fly-screen-cleaner-at90ls8535-robot-bug.rar alternative link2 alternative link3

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