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Embedded RTL8019AS Web Server Project ATMega103

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I quickly was able to appeal to the network card via a 8-bit data bus. The connectivity of the network card and thus the RTL8019AS chip via two 8-bit ports of the processor and an ISA slots. On external components such as memory was deliberately omitted from the beginning to keep the replica easy and the costs as low as possible. This of course had disadvantages in the implementation of the TCP / IP stack. The TCP implementation has been reduced to the extent that one can hardly speak of TCP / IP stack. The data are received and answered Packet way. Also, TCP security mechanisms due to the memory not implemented. The web server is therefore being able to answer incoming questions and to make web pages, but can not respond to transmission errors as defined in the TCP standard [RFC793].

AVR Web Server

Embedded RTL8019AS Web Server Project ATMega103 isa ethernet card atmel atmega128 150x150 Embedded RTL8019AS Web Server Project ATMega103 embedded web server 150x150

To select came an ISA Ethernet card and processor as an Atmel ATMega128 which I had already gained some experience in question. My attention much on an ISA Ethernet card with RTL8019AS chipset, because it do so by the manufacturer Realtek gave a good documentation and the chip had a 16/8Bit interface itself. This ISA Ethernet cards with the RTL8019AS chip set are to have auctions worldwide for more than 5 € at the relevant Internet today.

Source: ulrichradig.de/ AVR Webserver schematic pcb source code files alternative link: embedded-rtl8019as-web-server-project-atmega103.rar alternative link2, link3

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