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FET400 Mosfet Amplifier Circuit 400W

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All the details of FET400 Mosfet amplifier circuit diagram, PCB, layout description and high resolution images (hq) have 8 ohm speakers with 263 watts RMS and 350 watts into 4 ohms 6 ohms and 406 watts rms power can give. Made the same circuit on the audio input adder circuit using 2 800W power ratio can be 0.5% THD on fet400 4 (n-channel) and IRFP240 (p-channel) MOSFETs used IRFP9240.

Amp’s quiescent current 60mA .. 120mA adjustable between circuit operation voltage of the lowest + – 30 volts DC maximum + – 70 volts DC appear in the image MOSFETs on the mounted mje340 transistor themed as a spectator, as used in the same way must be installed

FET400 Mosfet Amplifier Circuit 400W fet400 pcb 400w amplifier circuit mosfet 400w anfi hifi

FET400 Mosfet Amplifier Circuit 400W fet 400 pcb 400w hifi

all files: fet400-mosfet-amplifier-circuit-400w.RAR alternative link2 alternative link3

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