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RMS 2X200W Amplifier Circuit MJL21196 MJL21195

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2X200W transistor amplifier circuit The aim of this bachelor thesis was to design a low frequency power amplifier for speakers for the purpose of sound public events. Its use therefore determine addressed the concerns of the processing, where required by the supply of sufficient power (at least 200W per channel into a load of 4Ω) for four odposluchy serving musicians, DJ, bands, singers and others. His proposal demanded high-quality processing, as the custom filing sound for the musician it must be sufficiently loyal and quality, so that it could assess whether to improve. This work addresses the complete involvement of of the amplifier and thus contains the analysis of the individual blocks as they are the ac power source, the preamplifier, the amplifier stages but also the module spds speakers and amplifier.

2X200W Amplifier Schematic

RMS 2X200W Amplifier Circuit  MJL21196 MJL21195 400w amp schematic 120x120

Estimated parameters of the amplifier The amplifier is designed to be minimized by TIM. In emitoroch input difference degrees are resistors the resistance of 300Ohm and the bandwidth of the amplifier with an open loop feedback is adapted capacitors C22 and C23 in the rozkmitovom stage and capacitor C29 in a feedback between the entering. The amplifier has a theoretical the performance of at least 200W into 4 ohms, harmonic distortion of typically 0,01%, the units of production bandwidth around the 8.5 MHz and the speed of the 60V/µs.

RMS 2X200W Amplifier Circuit  MJL21196 MJL21195 low frequency amplifier power amplifier preamplifier

RMS 2X200W Amplifier Circuit  MJL21196 MJL21195 soft start power supply protection circuits simulation scheme

RMS 2X200W Amplifier Circuit  MJL21196 MJL21195 srcb 2X200W Amp circuit pcb schematic all files alternative links: rms-2x200w-amplifier-circuit-mjl21196-mjl21195.rar alternative link2

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