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Digital Tone Control Circuit with PIC16F877 LM1036

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Were made by combining the LM1036 integrated circuit PIC16F877. BASS, TREBLE, BALANCE, VOLUME settings on the LCD screen is made in my image as a 15 something in the shade echelons. In addition, this circuit easily adapted to integrate other tonkontrol eqlayz integrated holster or connected. 4 separate circuits can be added to any channel.

The working principle is very simple. Four separate 4-bit digital data is collected and converted to the number of analog output resistance of the common 0V … 5V voltages are given in 15 different stages. This voltage is applied to the input level of the integrated tone control.

LM1036 stereo audio tone is an integrated analog voltage to control. 0ver … 5.4 v input voltage level at the output voltage is suitable for this level PICs. Mode button on the screen each press BASS, TREBLE, BALANCE, VOLUME Remove writings. next number of this article shows the level of voice with a number between 0 … 15. the level bar on the bottom line seems to be.

Digital Tone Control Circuit with PIC16F877  LM1036 pic16f877 ton kontrol

Digital Tone Control Circuit proteus isis simulation schematic pic assembly source code digital-tone-control-circuit-with-pic16f877-lm1036.zip

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