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Ultrasonic Distance Meter Circuit with PIC16F873

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Ultrasonic Distance Measurement circuit protel98s prepared with all the resources given circuit pcb drawing has asm and hex source code. Ultrasonic detection circuit pic assembly PIC16F873 microcontroller used in the “UCM R4OK1” with ultrasonic transmitters used ultrasonic signal measurement circuit that

Ultrasonic Distance Meter Circuit with PIC16F873 ultrasonic UCM R40K1 mesafe olcumu ultra sonik pic16f873 120x120

This application note describes the implementation of a meter away, using ultrasonic sensors of the type-R40K1 UCM. A gust of 40KHz is transmitted through an ultrasonic sensor, the reflected ultrasonic sensor is greeted by another receiver.The calculation of the distance is done with a PIC16F873. The range of distance is measured 25cm to 300cm.



Type Sensor

Ultras or reflection



Distance MMA


Distance ma


Resolution : P>

1 cm


< 1m It detects an object of faith di 8cm <1m

Tensi and entry

9V 9V

Power Consumption

60mA tip.

source agspecinfo.com

Ultrasonic Distance Meter Circuit with PIC16F873 pic assembly source code Ultrasonic Distance Meter schematic pcb alternative link: ultrasonic-distance-meter-circuit-with-pic16f873.rar

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