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PIC16F84 and DS1621 Temperature Control Circuit

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Circuit PIC16F84 based on the DS1621 temperature sensor with information received 2×16 LCD on the displays also a certain temperature RA0 pin relay connected to the operation temperature value can be determined (not sure the lower or upper limit may be) sets dec, inc, set with the buttons done

PIC16F84 and DS1621 temperature measurement and temperature control circuit of the relay source. Bass, hex codes have isis simulation and PCB files

Note: The new version of the file with isis simulation does not work in the DS1621 library / MODELS ds1621.dll in kılasör take a backup file in the file, use ds1621.dll

Temperature Controller Schematic

PIC16F84 and DS1621 Temperature Control Circuit Temp Control circuit isi sicaklik devresi

PIC16F84 DS1621 Temperature Control Circuit files download: pic16f84-and-ds1621-temperature-control-circuit.zip

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