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Ultrasonic Cat & Dog Repeller Circuit PIC16F627

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cat, dog repeller circuit’s all shared resources (asm hex + eagle pcb. Brd) Thanks to those who contributed People

NOTE: When programming the PIC16F627 internal oscillator fuse should be selected.

In order to prevent pests from entering the inside of the house, etc. According to them we wanted to make a very noisy. Trial tremendously effective on dogs and cats in my circuit, I saw, she seemed. We can not experiment on mice, we did not found a mouse :) but the project did not prepare them thinking. All of these animals they like, changing values ​​in all available frequency ultrasonic sound. This circuit, with four power transistors to drive the piezo randomly in different ways all these frequencies can give. Operation can also intrigues with the key. Fast or slow frequency crossover transitions can be achieved. http://endtas.com/robot/modules.php?name=News&new_topic=6 Prepared by: Ozkal Özsoy

Cat & Dog Repeller Circuit Diagram

Ultrasonic Cat & Dog Repeller  Circuit PIC16F627 pic 16f627 preprogrammed internal oscillator 150x150

Ultrasonic Cat & Dog Repeller  Circuit PIC16F627 kedi kovucu kopek kovucu

Cat, Dog Repeller Circuit pcb pic assembly source asm code files ultrasonic-cat-dog-repeller-circuit-pic16f627.rar

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