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Experiment Board for 40-pin PIC-Microcontrollers Development

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Experiment with a lot of features for free pic development board PCB diagram drawing and painting has been completed state.

40 PIC series can be used for serial port interface (MAX232) button link 2 × 16 LCD unit, LEDs, 7-segment display indicators DS18S20, 24C256, 25C040, 93C86 EEPROM section and PCF8583 plus any external input logout has links in pdf format pcb drawing acrobat reader with the program You can print directly from open to adjust

Development Board for 40-pin PIC-Microcontrollers

The development board project presented here is a fully documented project that can be used for testing many of the typical applications and peripheral connections where PIC microcontrollers are used. It can be used with all 40 pin microcontrollers supported by PIC and PIC18 Simulator IDE applications.

Experiment Board for 40pin PICMicro

Experiment Board for 40 pin PIC Microcontrollers Development development board 40 pin pic microcontrollers

source oshonsoft.com Experiment Board for 40-pin PIC-Microcontrollers Development pcb schematic alternative link: experiment-board-for-40-pin-pic-microcontrollers-development.rar

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