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Transformerless Power Supply Calculator Program 220V MOSFET Stabilizer

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Mains voltage to reduce the general sheet metal transformer used an electronic circuits and mains voltage we reduce the over-current uninteresting circuit to operate the ideal usually 220 volts ac voltage to one end of a series capacitor connected diode bridge resistor, the zener with the desired low voltage is obtained, but as I said, the power is very low.

Calculation program also facilitates the work of the calculating part of the computation is the circuit for MOSFET is alınabiliry higher power MOSFETS can be said that the regulator.

MOSFET Transformerless Power Supply

Transformerless Power Supply Calculator Program 220V MOSFET Stabilizer transformerless stabilizator elektronik transformator

CAUTION circuit high voltage is working with Be careful capacitor connection Pay attention to the + – polarities reversed if you connect high-voltage large explosions could MOSFETs outer surface of the medium “drain” the legs are associated with a circuit while working hands Do not touch the circuit before running the insured Power Line, wear safety goggles

Program is in C1, R1 calculates the values ​​of other materials of value fixed only Vaulting MOSFETs and output filter capacitor value that is specified.

IRF830 mosfet used to. C2 filter capacitor, the output voltage and pulled the power to be selected according to generally 500 …. 1000 for 1000uF used I think this capacitor in addition to the one in the 100nF capacitor must be connected at the outlet RH resistance is to be connected is the load circuit of the material is not.

Finally; In the program “Ugs (th)” voltage MOSFETs on but I misspelled or something else, my guess Vgs (th) will be the voltage of the MOSFET datasheet file is stated, for example IRF830 MOSFET Vgs (th) voltage 4v seems calculation bunuda Consider

Download Transformerless Power Supply Calculator program transformerless-power-supply-calculator-program-220v-mosfet-stabilizer.zip

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