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MC68HC908GP32 Programmer Circuit

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MC68HC908GP32 for microcontroller programming circuit running from the computer serial RS232 port. Circuit of the bill of materials, schematics, PCB drawings there.

MC68 Programmer

MC68HC908GP32 Programmer Circuit mc68hc908gp32 programmer circuit

This programmer was designed to program the Motorola MC68HC908GP32 micropocessor , in combination with a personal computer , and the progsz08 free software by p&e micro systems . It was developped for the Megasquirt group and it’s offspring , altough it can be used for any MC68HC908GP32 based project. Single sided pcb 100*70 mm Uses only very comon parts . Sourcing them shouldn’t be a problem. Supports three kinds of oscillator types , and a various number of frequencies. Uses a wallplug adapter pwr source , any AC or DC 6 to 24V adapter will do. Designed to use a professional ZIF socket

Source: goo.gl/HQFX MC68HC908GP32 programmer Alternative link: mc68hc908gp32-programmer-circuit.RAR

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