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0-50V 0-5A Laboratory Power Supply Circuit LM317HVK

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Three-terminal voltage regulator for the power NPN or PNP transistor connection with the yükseltileniliy 0 0 5 to 50v regulated power supply circuit using the same methods but much more advanced than the designed circuit.

LM3XX Series adjustable regulator IC in the name at the end letter “K” metal TO-3 case indicates that “HVK” the high-voltage regulation states that normally LM317T, LM317 1.2 …. 32 and voltages will make adjustments “HVK” series is 1.2v ….. voltage between 57V and can be controlled.

Power Supply Circuit 0-50V 0-5A

0 50V 0 5A Laboratory Power Supply Circuit LM317HVK LM317HVK guc kaynagi regulator power supply circuit

LM317HVK integrated high current drawn from the 1.5 to the work force in this case is added to the standard application circuit transistors (MJ15023 two) and the op amp is done with the current settings are reset reference voltage to 1.2v.

Circuit analog voltmeter and ammeter used if you wish to use digital display R17, R18 R19 R20 elements do not need to use. Also made ​​with LM323 in the circuit diagram if you want to have a separate 5-volt power supply do not need to do that part of the power supply system is designed as a laboratory for the additional output type is placed.

Source: goo.gl/rm0Y Laboratory 0-50V 0-5A Power Supply Circuit files Alternative link: 0-50v-0-5a-laboratory-power-supply-circuit-lm317hvk.rar

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