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A Design Classic Transistor Flip-Flop Circuit Simulation

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A lot of people interested in electronics applied a variation of the classic two-transistor flip flop circuit design using 2 different operating states provided the same circuit. LEDs are enabled 6.

first transistor T1 now suppose that the message (D4 -D3 BURN OFF ) . In this case T1 collector voltage will be closer to zero volts, and for the first time would be short-circuited capacitor C1 to bias the base of transistor T2 and T2 will fall will enter into insulation . Capacitor C1 through resistor R3 is the base bias of transistor T2 times of charging will increase relatively .

Increased base bias collector current of T2 while improving at the same time will reduce the collector voltage . Meanwhile, the first moment of the capacitor C2, T1 acts like a short circuit will cut the base bias (D3 -D4 BURN OFF ) . Thereby charging the capacitor C2, the transistor T1 will remain on until the insulation . Transistors in the circuit in order to change this state of isolation from the message and the collector square wave signal at the output will be obtained. In the circuit will operate independently as two -fold career can be controlled only place is designed .

Flip-Flop Circuit isis Simulation

A Design Classic Transistor Flip Flop Circuit Simulation transistorlu flip flip 6 led ledler

flip flop circuit diagram of the proteus circuit simulation: a-design-classic-transistor-flip-flop-circuit-simulation.zip

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