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Classic 100W Darlington Transistor Amplifier Circuit

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I have seen a site similar to the classic, but darlington transistor-quality hifi amplifier circuit. very few elements with the less clean up audio element that account. the beautiful thing about all the details, there is a list of the schema, pcb, set of illustrated information on the flow of material, calm, etc..

100W amplifier circuit +-42v power supply 100W RMS with a symmetrical 2x42v so the music power 140w but watch out on the poor quality of the writer can burn the last sound speaker 100w küçümsenebilir 250w exaggeration may not remove at the RMS value of the speakers 100W RMS, so use the speaker volume for example some hoparlarlörde 200w rms 20w, etc. on the corner on the shore, but the author author

The output transistors 1 x ON709 and 1 x BDX88C transistors instead of this it will be difficult to find cover for TO3 T8 NPN BDW83C or TIP142 for BDW84C or TIP147 can be used to correspond to the T9 PNP transistors SOT-93 case is to use a larger heatsink and thermal imager (thermal paste, cream etc etc..) using the cooler isolator mount using

Serenity is the current setting for the T8 kollaktör and connect it to the “P” 10 k + in order to feed between the adjustable resistor ampermetrede 50ma set until you see.

Classic 100W Darlington Transistor Amplifier Circuit 100w anfi 100watt amplifier darlington amp hifi amfi

Source: mikroe.com/sr/magazine/1broj/1broj8.htm pcb, şema vb. alternative link: classic-100w-darlington-transistor-amplifier-circuit.rar

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