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Isolated gradual Dimmer Circuit

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Lamp Dimmer, motor speed, you can use applications such as soldering iron temperature control dimmer circuit

220 volts (AC)’ll be retrieving landing device for control of the isolated dimer 100w Stage. MOC3040 Opto isolated diac provided with a selective process and control triac BT136 used without coolant CD4001 CD4017 integrated use of

CAUTION dimer is working with high voltage circuit capacitor connection Observe caution + – If you connect the high voltage polarity may be large explosions before running the insured Power Line circuit, protective goggles

Dimmer circuit diagram

Isolated gradual Dimmer Circuit izole dimmer sema dimmer circuit 120x120

Dimmer circuit Part list

R1, R2: 120k
R3: 27k/2W
R4: 10k
R5, R6: 220/0,5W
R7: 510
C1: 220µF/16V
C2: 100nF
D1…D5: 1N4007
D6: zener11V
IC1: 4017
IC2: 4001
Q1: MOC3040
Q2: BT136
T1: BC548

Isolated gradual Dimmer Circuit pcb schematic: isolated-gradual-dimmer-circuit.rar Dimmer circuit pcb layout drawing Sprint-Layout has been prepared with the program free “ Sprint-Layout-Viewer ” with the program can watch, you can get out

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