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Electronic Ballast Desing Program

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IR International Rectifier company produces quality products particularly to the issue of power electronics MOSFETs. SMPS, PWM drives, etc.. They may be used in addition to electronic ballast circuits produced IR, IRS integrated ballast design programs have prepared for

What is Electronic Ballast

An electrical ballast is a device intended to limit the amount of current in an electric circuit. A familiar and widely used example is the inductive ballast used in fluorescent lamps, to limit the current through the tube, which would otherwise rise to destructive levels due to the tube’s negative resistance characteristic.

Ballasts vary in design complexity. They can be as simple as a series resistor or inductor, capacitors, or a combination thereof or as complex as electronic ballasts used with fluorescent lamps and high-intensity discharge lamps.

About Ballast Design Program Summaries

Tasarım yapılabilen entegreler

  • IR2156 (CFL Balast)
  • IRS2166D (Tek entegre balast)
  • IRS2168D (Tek entegre balast)
  • IR21592 (Dimmer balast)
  • IRS21571D (Balast)
  • IRS2158D (Dimmer balast)
  • IR2161 (Halojen kontrol)
  • IR2520D (Balast)
  • IRS2530D (DIM8 Balast)

Ballast Design Usage Information

The program is easy to use after installation “Ballast Design V4” click on the shortcut you are running a window opens, as in the picture below

Electronic Ballast Desing Program ir balast desinger

Note: If there is no icon on the desktop shortcut to C: \ Program Files \ Ballast Design V4 \ Run bda.exe file

The program automatically according to the settings you can make on the menu is made up of ballast designs

IC: Integrated choice section
Input: The input voltage
Lamp: Lamp wattage and model
Configration: Parallel serial connection

If you want the “Advanced” section, you can create a detailed design for a person skilled in this section, all values ​​can be entered manually

Electronic Ballast Desing Program ir component balast calculaton

All settings made ​​”Desng 5″ button is clicked, then the circuit diagram, bill of materials, ballast, transformer core data, the frequency of the voltage curve, it looks like the info in a new window

Electronic Ballast Desing Program IR2156 Circuit Diagram balast devresi 150x150 Electronic Ballast Desing Program LPFC Inductor balast induktator trafo 150x150 Electronic Ballast Desing Program simple current irl2156 balast 150x150

Ballast Design Notes tips

Also a very good feature of the program design should also add to the PFC circuit and transformer core accounts of the PFC circuit is used for making integrated PFC L6562 ST Microelectronics products

Electronic Ballast Desing Program IR2156 elektronik balast l6562 pfc

The program is very successful, especially transformer calculation or other control systems can be used to integrate other calculations can be useful in preparing their programs according to their own integrated company but a different account can be used to integrate the transformer run at the same frequency.

In experiment once bda.ex to Operating the program when the operation of the saw in the task manager seems to be working, but it was gone this type would be a problem if the C: \ Program Files \ Ballast Design V4 \ in the config.ini file, delete the program will run smoothly again ini file to create

source irf.custhelp.com Ballast Design program alternative link Ballast Design .rar alternative link2

  • 5-Step Ballast Design
  • Lamp Browser
  • Design Browser
  • Advanced Display Page
  • Ballast Operating Points Calculation
  • LC Tank Component Calculator
  • Ballast Operating Points Graph
  • IC Component Calculator
  • Time Domain Graph
  • Inductor Designer
  • Windows-based Graphical Interface
  • PFC Component Calculator
  • IR2156, IR21571, IR21592, IR21593, IR2166, IR2167, IR2520D, IR2161, IRS2158D, IRS2166D, IRS2530D Component Calculator Schematic
  • Bill of Materials
  • Electrical Data Table
  • Inductor Specification Sheet
  • Component Value Table
  • Operates on Windows XP and Vista
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