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Electronic Fuse Circuit

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Alternatives to Classic Fuse With this circuit can protect the power supply and other devices. If the set current limit is exceeded, or if the output short-circuit protection and to GES. Short-circuit automatically turns off when the current is applied to the circuit.

Circuit voltage of the relay will be equal to the supply voltage. Not just another circuit voltage is 12v can use. Please use 100uF capacitors do. their use voltage to the supply voltage must be appropriate. Please bulamassa BRX46 the circuit thyristor C106 can use it to place.

Electronic Fuse Circuit Schematic Diagram

Electronic Fuse Circuit electronic fuse elektronik sigorta

10k potentiometer is done with the current setting. If you use a very large current in the circuit in circuit 0R6 5W resistor value küşült your health 0R47, 0R33, 0R22, 0R1 can use values ​​like. According to Wu, the current value must be greater. You can also add the display shows the circuit shorted. If you connect to the relay coil shorted LED or lamp light warning when you are getting.

Electronic Fuse Circuit proteus ares pcb files: electronic-fuse-circuit.rar

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