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Will share the appropriate title to describe the program to find the most comprehensive I’ve ever seen, calculation tools, and even more with a program that is distributed free I have seen two versions... Electronics Projects, Super Calculator Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics "electronics software tools, "

Will share the appropriate title to describe the program to find the most comprehensive I’ve ever seen, calculation tools, and even more with a program that is distributed free

I have seen two versions of the program until it’s almost the same between the two has a few differences. Two programs are free only company in the program you are advertising your web site is viewing.

Electrical, electronic, math, digital electronics, computers, and a lot more about the PIC microcontroller’s computing and information

Super calculator program

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Conductor, Conductor, Insulator, Measuring an Electric Current, Conductor Resistance, Finding Circuit Voltages, Measuring Voltage and Current, Variable Resistance, Adding Positive Values, Adding Negative Values, Adding Signed Values, Algebraic Addition of Currents, Subtracting Signed Voltages, Subtracting Negative Currents, Select Random Value, Three Resistors in Series, Two Parallel Resistors, Potential Divider, Loading a Potential Divider, Pull Up, Down Resistors, Push Switch, Change-over Switch, Stair-case Switch, Relay Switch, Three-level Switch,

DC Voltage, Switching a DC Voltage, Variable DC Voltage, Alternating DC Voltage, Current, Voltage, Resistance, Formula Transformation, Voltage Divider, Loading a Voltage Divider, Current Divider, Further Current Dividing, Kirchhoff’s Current Law, Further Current Law, Series Resistors, Two Resistors in Parallel, Three or more Resistors in Parallel, Series Parallel Resistors

Voltage and Current Relationship, Series RCL Voltage Current Relationships, Angle of Rotation, Parallelogram for Voltage Phase Angles, AC Ohm’s Law, Combining Alternating Currents, Voltage and Current for R, Voltage and Current for C, Voltage and Current for L, Capacitive and Inductive Current Phasors, Oscilloscope Measurements, RC Series Circuit,

Capacitor Reactance, Capacitors in Series, Capacitors in Parallel, Storing Energy in an Inductor, Calculating an Induced Voltage, Calculating Inductive Energy, Inductive Circuit Waveforms, Calculating RL Time Constant, Inductive Reactance, Inductors in Series, Inductors in Parallel, RC Series Impedance, RL Series Impedance, RCL Series Impedance,

Fibre Optic Communications, Tuned Circuit at Resonance, Series Circuit at Resonance, Parallel Circuit at Resonance, Finding the Q of a Tuned Circuit, Tuned Circuit Bandwidth, Coupling Tuned Circuits, Selectivity, Attenuation, Cascading Amplifiers and Attenuators, Symmetrical T Attenuator, Asymmetrical T Attenuator, Symmetrical pi Attenuator, Asymmetrical pi Attenuator, RC Low Pass Passive Filter, RC High Pass Passive Filter, Band

Character Codes, Mouse Signals, Additive Colour Mixing, Flat Screen Display, Simple Graphics Adaptor, 256 Intensity Levels, Colour Monitor, Disk Drives, CD-ROM/DVD, Serial Port Communications, Serial and Parallel Data Transfer, Data Sorting, Data Merging, Data Searching, Data Array, Data Stack, Data Queues, Linked Lists, Binary Trees, Fixed Length Record, Sequential Files, Index Sequential Files, Random Access Hash Tables,

Locating Individual Records, Check Digits, Parity Error Checking, Cyclic Redundancy Check, Computer Hardware Configuration, Computer Operating System, Local Area Networks. Star Network, Wide Area Network, UK Telephone System, Manual Data Handling System, Computer Data Handling System, Data and Information, Data Entry and Verification, Data Validation, Methods of Processing Data, Data Security – Backups, Stages of System Development,

System Flowcharting, Processing Strategy, File Management System, Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Programming Structure, Constant Values, Data Types, Data Strings, Working with Character Strings, Conditional Branching, Select…Case Statement Block, For…Next Loop, Do…Until Loop, Procedures, Simple Decimal To Binary, Simple Binary to Decimal, Decimal To Binary, Binary to Decimal, Decimal to Octal, Octal to Decimal, Decimal to Hexadecimal, Hexadecimal to Decimal, Sign and Magnitude, Ones Complement Numbers, Twos Complement Numbers, Decimal to BCD, Binary Addition,

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