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An interesting CNC project author’s own and meet the needs of CNC-drilling machine made of wooden material is made up largely mechanical part of the CNC machine control card with chip uln2803 and stepper motors, LPT port connection is being used for classic 74hc14n 74HC14N IRF520 mosfet is controlled by the drilling drill again driven driven

The cost is high because the stencil started of events, the author to prepare the Stencil practical and inexpensive burning laser (200mw) prepare and drilling machine CNC control circuit mounted to have

CNC drilling machine

CNC drilling machine CNC Laser Stencil baski devre delme cnc drilling machine pcb delme cnc lazer lazer stencil

source: baron.bologrew.net/Drillcon100.html alternative link: cnc-drilling-machine-laser-stencil.rar alternatif link2 alternative link3

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