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Made in China Universal Charger Schematic

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Released several years ago (I’ve seen in the first resort) is a simple but very handy charger. typically known as spider or insect charging charger recharges but the strength is low long:) mechanical design in different sizes, cell phone, camera, place it in the charger the battery of the device will be a lot, etc. Charging circuit LM358 op amp is built on

Charger Circuit diagram;

Made in China Universal Charger Schematic cim mali universal sarj cihazi semasi

The diagram of the same circuit at high resolution and a similar scheme more;

Made in China Universal Charger Schematic orumcek sarj 120x120

Universal Charger use;

Opening of the gripper system battery to charge devices placed.

After battery clamps (+) and (-) polarity is set to fit.

Then click the “TEST” button is pressed. (In the diagram K1 TA Button)

Plugging the adapter into a wall outlet “PWR” LED will light constant dull red, “CH”, the LED starts flashing green.

This is an indication that the battery started charging.

If “CH” written LEDs do not light you have your battery terminals are connected incorrectly “CO” by pressing the green button allows the device can automatically change the polarity of the charge.

The charging process has ended and your battery is full, the “PWR” LED starts to burn as bright red hard.

Made in China Universal Charger Schematic cin mali her turlu bataryayi sarj eden sarj aleti

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