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Earlier Velleman kits circuit diagrams I shared (230 pcs mixed electronic circuit diagram Velleman kits) still a kit manufacturer’s (kitrus) various circuit diagrams’ve reached the circuits most useful simple circuits amp circuits, alarm circuits, led circuits, motor drives, etc.. has many applications.

The circuit diagram in PDF files (no PCBs) list of materials needed work and the material accounting information (in English) is. According to other sources on the Internet as a source for reliable operation of the circuit, such as a very low probability. Here’s a short list did not add them all up. There are 170-odd circuitvrelerin çalışmaması gibi bir ihtimal çok düşük. Aşağıda kısa bir liste bulunuyor hepsini ekleyemedim. 170 küsür devre var

Miscellaneous Electronic Circuit Diagrams Schematics

Various Electronic Circuit Diagrams kitrus elektronik devreler devre devreleri

This is a low cost basic 3-digit counter unit
Touch Switch and a Touch Plate
TDA1524 Stereo Preamplifier – Tone Control Unit
This compact function generator
PIC16C71 Servo motor driver
M3481 M3485 electronic mechanical music box.
HA13118 18 Watt Audio Amplifier
TDA 7053 1W Stereo Amplifier
TDA7294 50 Watt Audio Amplifier
UCN5804B Stepper motor driver
LM324 Continuity Tester
NE555 square wave generator
Two unipolar stepper motors control
LM386N Low Voltage Stereo Amplifier
Alarm siren diriver circuit
Music – Light Modulator moc3021 2n6075
Atmel 89xxx programmer
Positive variable power supply module
Negative variable power supply module
LM358 Mini-VOX – voice operated relay
DS1620 Digital Thermometer/Thermostat LCD
NE555 Touch electrical switch
NE555 Two led flasher
TDA7053 1W Stereo Amplifier – with DC Volume Control
TDA2005 10 Watt Stereo Amplifier
ISD25XXX 40 Second Message Recorder
PC parallel port eeprom programmer
Count-down timer with relay ne555 cd4020
MC4558 Stereo Tone Control Unit

Download Electronic Circuit Diagrams Schematics: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gx5sgyjmk2ul86o/cesitli-elektronik-devre-semalari-anfi-alarm-led-vb.rar

alternative link-2: http://yadi.sk/d/gm99_xyO14lJ4

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