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With a simple Timing circuit CD4060

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One is a timer circuit with IC CD4060 … made a simple but efficient circuit. The trials have been successful. The drawing shows a connected T1 examined transistor oval. This link connects to the foot of the No. 7 is approximately half a second with a seconds timing.

With a simple Timing circuit CD4060 cd4060 timer

It is time to stand up to no. 5 in doubles. You need the feet downward so you want to stand up for the delay required by the listed link. If you want, you can make even more useful by putting a commutator. No. 15, no. 1, with more than a foot from the foot knowing it has been intermittent. Four times the exit number entered a number fifteen feet.

The other is two times the ranges. Number three is used as the output of the foot is approximately eighteen minutes of delay. If not this delay time teterli is R2-R4 and C1 is required by increasing the value of the delay with. The larger one for schedules using the delay time can be extended up to a week to exceed CD4040. You can load the Role exit at anytime. The circuit has been working on a periodic basis. In the meantime, of course, will be on standby. This period is open for the duration.

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