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Multi-function Digital Wristwatch Circuit Atmel ATmega168PA

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Digital clock project PCB design is very good and prepared and used according to the coffers of small metal wristwatch. Except for a few digital Wristwatch circuit material including all the elements of SMD type ATmega168PA digital clock project ski asm, eeprom, hex, etc. all code with source PCB layout drawing and the sprint, proteus isis simulation file

Multi function Digital Wristwatch Circuit Atmel ATmega168PA atmega168pa dijital kol saati dijital saat devresi

Digital Wristwatch circuit features

Clock – calendar:-hours, minutes, seconds, day, date, month, year, day of the week for the date can be displayed, Calculation, automatic summer and winter time (can be changed), takes into account leap years

2. two independent alarms (triggered melody is heard)

3.1-second increments the Scheduler. (Maximum duration 99h 59 m 59s)

4. Timer with two channels that have a resolution of 0.01 sec account. (Maximum operating time 99h 59 m 59s)

5. Account 1sn resolution with a stopwatch. (Maximum duration of use up to 99 days)

6. in the range of-5 ° C to 55 ° C Thermometer (temperature range is limited to the normal situation) with step 0.1 ° C

7. Reader and emulator hardware keys – tablet Dallas DS1990 through type with the ability to display the key code Bytes 1-Wire (I already have a few universal “off-road” memory 50 pieces).

8. Nikon Digital cameras “Pentax”, “”, “Canon” for the infrared rays remote control (only applied to “capture” command)

9. LED flashlight

10.7 ringtones

11. alarm clock (can be changed)

12. check the Voicemail button press (active)

13. the battery Voltage monitoring with Calibration function

14. Digital brightness control indicator

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