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Mechanical Clock Circuit ATmega8

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In fact, what lies At the forefront of the digital but mechanics should have been a wonderful project:) is an interesting time in the atmega8 microcontroller time and when the mind comes to the display, lcd, led, but the author is using a different method to display the time information. Figures are the red and black color Acrylic glass (Plexiglas) prepared with the hour and minute change pushed figures created with servo motors parts. Hardware has been used a lot in the account book to one side.

Microcontroller, pcb, schema of the project source codes and Plexiglas (acrylic glass) parts of the measures given the DFX format.

Mechanical Clock Circuit ATmega8 clock atmega8 hxt 500 acrylic glass 75hc595 ds1307 dcf77 lm75

Source: schoar.de/tinkering/sevenblocks/ alternative link: mechanical-clock-circuit-atmega8.rar alternative : link2

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