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Portable RF Jammer Circuit ATmega48

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So far I have ever seen , tidy and with all the resources shared jammer circuit project design, it’s very smart Sizes also pretty small pocket on the internet a lot jammer circuit , however, this circuit more like simple but integrates most of us in our market does … Circuit of the printed circuit board 3 floor consists of output power in the 1watt high band , low band 3watt

Jammer circuit mobile phone battery with 3.7v supply provided with integrated voltage converter dcdc used in raising the necessary parts . Jammer on the ATMEGA48 microcontroller , ROS2500 , ROS1200 , SXE- 389, LM358 , etc. ad8402 . abundance outside the integrated voltage regulator and converter used dcdc

CAUTION Jammer frequency to a frequency of the same value , is a device to signal that suppresses the original signal . jammer is forbidden to use this project to share the purpose of source code and PCB drawings is that the different projects, the PLLs , high frequency for operations such as C code may work influenced, may also RF PCBs in designing resource eagle pcb design would be helpful

Portable RF Jammer Circuit ATmega48 self tuning portable rf jammer dual pll therefore

Portable RF Jammer Circuit ATmega48 jammer circuit pll rf jammer

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