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Operated Washing Machine Control Circuit with ATmega32

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ATmega32 microcontroller based on the project is already quite interesting and a professional I see this type of advanced projects ATMEL series

Some sections of the circuit MOC3043 opto diac, MOC3023 isolated with LCD and LED indicator control (presumably rc5) control and has a lot more features

Washing Machine Circuit

Operated Washing Machine Control Circuit with ATmega32 atmel makina kontrol kart motor camasir makinasi

The rotational speed of the motor is controlled by the microcontroller. Its supply voltage 230V is cut by a triac controlled by the ATmega. Indeed, directly powered by 230V motor rotates the spin speed. It should therefore be slow for washing. But the speed control is rendered necessary because the torque varies alot during each revolution of the drum of the distribution and movement of the laundry in the drum. Hence the presence of the tachogenerator of the motor shaft. the ATmega continuously measures the actual speed of the drum (by a function programmed frequency) and compares it with a setpoint. The result is used to adjust the angle of the triac to maintain constant speed (speed control). This is one of the finer points of the program.

The direction of rotation of the motor is selected by switching the connection of the stator relative to the rotor by two relays. The pump and valves are controlled by triacs. The heater is controlled by a relay 230V – 10A.

The microcontroller circuits and low voltage (5V) are isolated from the 230V mains:

feeding a transformer 230V – 2X6V
triacs by opto-triacs detecting zero crossing MOC3043.
cutting the triac motor voltage by an opto-triac NO detecting zero crossing MOC3023 (instantaneous response)

Everything is managed remotely by a remote control for TV! (it avoids touching anything during operation of the machine)

Some features of the control board;

1) Check-out: Engine speed control on-off control drain pump water inlet temperature control to 20 characters (blue) LCD. Some LEDs in all colors

2) Input: rev counter with resistive temperature sensor reference signal phase 50Hz sector. Buttons, buttons, IR remote control receiver

Source: http://silicium628.chez-alice.fr/electron/lavelinge/lavelinge.html alternative link: operated-washing-machine-control-circuit-with-atmega32.rar alternative link2

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