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AT89C51 L293D Motor Control Project

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AT89C51 L293D Motor Control Circuit Operation, Our project name and the name suggests, the treadmill is the motor control is required. When designing this project, I saw fit to use DC motors. Because the use of DC motors and have come to the fore in terms of ease of feeding.

An integrated circuit for driving DC motors, which use integrated’ve L293D. Integrated amplifier comprising transistors that are inside. Further information about Integrated PDFs are also available. As for operation of the circuit, in this embodiment via PWM DC motor speed control performed to obtain the sign amaçlanmaktadır.pwm Scheduler \ counter and timer 0 is used, so that a stone is set at 1 ms.

AT89C51 L293D Motor Control Schematic

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AT89C51 L293D Motor Control Project keil source code proteus isis simulation schematic files: at89c51-l293d-motor-control-project.rar author: Mehmet ŞENTÜRK

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