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PIC16F84 Midi 32-channel decoder circuit

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Midi 32-channel decoder circuit made ​​with PIC16F84 microcontroller pic çoklanıp with 74LS574 outputs given the output circuit uln2803 12v dc and dc 5v (integrated supply) is working with a list of materials and source code are printed circuit boards. PIC assembly prepared with the software.

PIC16F84 32-outputs MIDI Decoder

Here is the description a 32 outputs MIDI able to switch relays, electromagnetics devices… in order to automate a mechanical musical instrument, or command lights…

Data from a musical instrument equipped with a MIDI output or sound card (MIDI) are analyzed by the software on the PIC 16F84. The IC10 optocoupler (6N136) provides galvanic isolation. Outputs PortB form a parallel 8 bit data bus to 4 74LS574 (8 latches). The PortA 1,2,3,4 outputs control the storage of these 74LS574 Buffers power ULN2803 can control loads up to 2A.
The 5V power supply is built around a 7805 controller. CN7 connector receives power from 9 to 24V depending on the type of relay or solenoid.

PIC16F84 Midi 32 channel decoder circuit midi dekoder midi interface midi decoder schematic midi decoder circuit

Source: victorseraphine.com PIC16F84 pic assembly source code Midi 32-channel decoder circuit schematic pcb alternative link: pic16f84-midi-32-channel-decoder-circuit.rar

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