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RMS 50W Hi-Fi Amplifier Circuit

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2 for two different transistor pcb printed circuit crafted case you can use the appropriate

Transistor 2N3055 and MJ2955 Used in metal sheath version TIP3055 and the plastic-type metal-sheathed version is more powerful than TIP2955 size and structure, but with better heat transmission cooler installation more difficult.

Circuit 8Ω speaker with 50W RMS 4Ω speaker with a 70w rms power can give THD noise ratio is very low 003% of the circuit Operating the for the symmetric 2x40v dc power supply is required VR1 potentiometer with a quiescent current is adjusted input audio signal without connecting diagram Q5 transistor collector and-40v inter-38.2v measure until potentiometer should be set up in key areas that need to be already in the schematic drawing given voltage. Power supply from the AC supply circuit 150w transformer for use 2x28v

RMS 50W Hi Fi Amplifier Circuit tip3055 tip2955

Hi-Fi Amplifier Performance

Output Power: 50 watts into 8ohm 70 watts into 4ohm
Music Power: 77 watts into 8ohm ;105 watts into 4ohm
Frequency response: -1dB at 14Hz and 70kHz

Input sensitivity: 0.875V for 50ohm into 8ohm
Harmonic distortion: <.05% from 20Hz to 20kHz; typically <.003% Signal-to-Noise Ratio: -114dB unweighted (22Hz to 22kHz); -119dB A-weighted, both with respect to 50W into 8ohm Damping factor: >140dB at 100Hz &1kHz, with respect to 8ohm and without PTC thermistor

Protection fuses plus: “Polyswitch” PTC thermistor Stability unconditional

50w RMS Amplifier circuit’s PCB schematics, layout files: rms-50w-hi-fi-amplifier-circuit.rar

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