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12V to 30V TL497 DC DC Converter Circuit (20v-30v adjustable)

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DC to DC converter An example might be the soldering iron 24V or charging battery pack for aeromodelling, or even power a laptop. Described converter is able without special transformer (and just plain Air coil with inductance of about 30μH) to deliver an output voltage adjustable in range of 20V to 30V when the power consumption of up to 3A. Output voltage while stabilized and the maximum change in the traffic-load and full load is less than 200mV. Maximum output power is 75W. output ripple voltage does not exceed 500mV (measured peak-to-peak).

TL497 DC DC Converter Schematic Diagram

12V to 30V TL497 DC DC Converter Circuit (20v 30v adjustable) schematic tl497 dc dc converter circuit diagram

TL497 from Texas Instruments, which works as a managing member of the so-called stepup- converter. Custom power switch consists SIPMOS transistor T1 (BUZ10). If the transistor T1 in the conductive state, current through inductor L1 (30μH) and accumulates in the the energy in the form of a magnetic field. At the time of the transistor T1 to L1 becomes a source of energy through the diode D1 (BYV79E) charges the output capacitors C2 and C3 (470μF/35V). They secondly filtered output voltage and power the load in when the transistor T1 (BUZ10) open. From the output through a resistive divider, formed trimmer P1 (10kΩ) resistor R4 (18kΩ) and resistor R5 (1.2 kΩ) sampling of the output voltage, which is IO1 TL497 comparing with an internal reference voltage and used for subsequent management of the switching Transistor T1 (BUZ10)

12V 30V DC to DC Converter Circuit TL497 PCB schematic files download: 12v-to-30v-tl497-dc-dc-converter-circuit-20v-30v-adjustable.rar alternative link2

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