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100W Led Driver Circuit PFC UCC28180 UCC3813D-1

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100W Power Led Driver Circuit Select the suitable type of a power driver, if the lamp with LED of power about 100W supplied from a distribution network 230V. Compare the different options for solution driver. Build a simplified a mathematical model of the used LEDS and the simulation in the environment Matlab-Simulink UCC3813D

UCC28180 An active rectifier or active PFC circuit is a device that can remove from network a sinusoidal current in phase with voltage. From the point of view of the network with the UCC28180 PFC circuit behaves almost as a purely resistive load, even if the circuit delivers to its load current the capacitive or the induction of the character of any shape. This is achieved by a power factor collection to 𝜆 = 1 compared to the sampling sources without power factor correction where it is 𝜆 = 0, 4 − 0, 6 (typically).

UCC28180 PFC Schematic

100W Led Driver Circuit PFC UCC28180 UCC3813D 1 ucc28180 pfc circuit schematic switching power supply pfc led illuminating 120x120

UCC3813D-1 LED excitation yellow luminofor. This diode is needed for the full light output power from a source of constant dc current 3a. For this light-emitting diode was designed by a power source consisting of the input EMI filter and active UCC28180 PFC circuit.. Of the possible variants of the converters for the desired output power was elected the single-switch forward converter with two paddles. Special attention was paid to the design of his pulse transformer, the calculation of the dissipated power and the corresponding cooling power semiconductors. Were designed, manufactured and installed a circuit board of the main inverter and PFC circuit, and have been tested for their functionality. We verified that the main inverter supplying to the LED can be powered by an active PFC circuit. UCC3813D-1

UCC3813D-1 Driver Schematic

100W Led Driver Circuit PFC UCC28180 UCC3813D 1 ucc3813d 1 driver schematic forward converter flyback converter cooling transformer 120x120

100W Led Driver Circuit PFC UCC28180 UCC3813D 1 srcb PFC 100W Led driver circuit pcb schematic all files alternative links: 100w-led-driver-circuit-pfc-ucc28180-ucc3813d-1.rar alternative link2

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