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Temperature Fan Control LCD Screen TCN75 Sensor PIC16f84A PICBASIC

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The control circuit DS1621 application with which we have previously circuit ( PIC16F84A temperature fan control with LCD display -55 ° C / +125 ° C Picbasic ) TCN75 carried out with heat sensor state.

And we use this circuit to TCN75 DS1621 temperature sensor is a PIN to PIN . For this reason, we use the previous circuit , I use the same printed circuit board . A TCN75 , DS1621 easier than a sensor .

That is; I2CWRIT to read the DS1621 with the command to configure the device after posting DEGREE able to read , TCN75 not apply to this case . Their default values ​​directly in the sensor reading is set up can be done . As can be seen from the program for DS1621 written as three lines of command is a single line for TCN75 .

In my research on the net I could not find TCN75 circuit made ​​with ( perhaps I may not have found are : D) sensor not as DIP , SOIC present case . SOIC to DIP case I use the converter

Temperature Fan Control circuit test

Project ares is a printed circuit board and source code files to the picbasic pro: temperature-fan-control-lcd-screen-tcn75-sensor-pic16f84a-picbasic.ZIP

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