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5V to 200V with NE555 DC DC Converter

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The astable multivibrator using NE555 integrated timing voltage of 5 volts DC to 200 volts to 200 volts dc voltage can upgrade to the power 20 of which can be taken out

“In addition to @timpat” Adapted from my teacher useful information: transistors used in the original scheme can give bc337’n the current (at 5V) to a maximum of 800. In this case, even if we accept that it is 100% of the yield on the secondary side of the transformer 200V’t the maximum current that can be drawn: Isxvs = ıpxvp => Business = (ıpxvp) / Vs = (0.8 × 5) / 200 = 20mA will be.

5V to 200V Circuit

5V to 200V with NE555 DC DC Converter 5v 200v dcdc donusturucu

CAUTION circuit at the output of the high voltage (200 volts DC) consists Be careful Pay attention to the capacitor connection + – If you connect the high voltage polarity may be large explosions before running the insured Power Line circuit, protective goggles

Source pagesperso-orange.fr 555 5V to 200V Circuit files alternative link: 5v-to-200v-with-ne555-dc-dc-converter.rar alternative link 2: ne555-ile-5volt-200volt-yukseltme-dcdc-donusturucu

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