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Compressor Circuit Audio Signal Control

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The audio signal level to automatically check a device for müzil raisers know until now I did not use only programs with music my work was but a useful device you want to apply for those Mono and Stereo two circuits have also on this device prepared a nice article there Firstly our article, let us read after circuits

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Circuit to have two choices mono or stereo circuit the same just two channel circuits on PCBs combined half-material full value of their careful to use the particular Capacitors have the possibility if Resistors Metalfilm 1% Tolerant Use Circuit recharge upgrade 9 volts quality Alkaline or Rechargeable Batteries Use the sound quality greatly affects the battery gives better results yet from 9 … 15-volt power supply may be a well-regulated.

Compressor Circuit Audio Signal Control schematic pcb: compressor-circuit-audio-signal-control.rar

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