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Button control with 16 LEDs Hi Tech C Example

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The microcontroller used in the circuit that connects the button input pins to be done about the relevant bit of the TRIS register is set to 1 . Bastard pullup resistance and buttons are connected to one . If one of the ports on the button pressed , the button is pressed, 0 is read.

# define L_UP RA2 using the definitions are written in a flexible program . Only here can be carried to another port by changing the buttons easily . The button is pressed and not pressed if (! L_UP ) was controlled by the structure . Will be read from the 0 button is pressed, the corresponding port , it is not worth your while one will be taken and the statements within the if statement will be executed.

If the structure first while (! L_UP ); The structure attracts our attention . Button while pressing the operation of the code stops here. Bırakdıg enter the relevant codes will work . By checking that the button has been stopped twice involuntary operation of a process we can avoid .

Proteus isis Button led control circuit drawing

Button control with 16 LEDs Hi Tech C Example hi tech c leds buttons hi tech c butonlar ile 16 led kontrolu

Hi Tech C Example button led control proteus isis circuit and code files: button-control-with-16-leds-hi-tech-c-example.zip

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