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Button with Relay Control Hi Tech C Example

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This application has been checked with the relay 220v lamp. The lamp illuminates when the button is first pressed, pressed and released again when the lamp is turned off. microcontroller output current is not enough to drive relays directly. For this, the output current of a transistor is increased. EMK opposite will occur in the relay coil to prevent corrupting the transistor opposite to the ends of the relay coil is connected to a diode.

Proteus Isis Relay Control Circuit Diagram

Button with Relay Control Hi Tech C Example hi tech c buton ile role kontrolu 220v lamba isis

Buttons mechanical elements and is released when the button is pressed every button outlet not more than 0 or 1. Continuously changes between 1 and 0 occurs. Therefore, to be waited until debounce time. If you expected the button is pressed several times in a short time you will want to change the location sanılıp continuous relay. After debounce time the button is pressed again, the second time it is assured that edilecerek control. SK =! SK; expressed by varying the position lamp was off, and the relay is burned, is lit or extinguished. while (! K1); The structure of the release button is supposed to transmit.

Hi tech C button relay control code and circuit files: button-with-relay-control-hi-tech-c-example.zip

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