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Simple Mathematical Operation Hi Tech C Example

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Programming is the same as mathematics. A different way of doing business has more than one. This application is similar transactions made ​​with different codes. About as long as the button is pressed the first two LEDs are lit. In the last two buttons toggle transaction was made. LEDs will illuminate when pressed once again, is led off when pressed.

Proteus isis Mathematical Operation circuit

Simple Mathematical Operation Hi Tech C Example leds led matematica hi tech c basit matematik islemi

Whether the button is pressed if (! K1) as we will be able to check with the expression if (K1 == 0) We can check it with the structure. LED3 =! LED3; toggle operation is performed by the expression. LEDs are lit and extinguished the lights is off.

Hi Tech C Example Mathematical Operation proteus isis and code files: simple-mathematical-operation-hi-tech-c-example.zip

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