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2X100V 500W Audio Amplifier SMPS Power Supply

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Class D Aplifier Switch mode power supply DESIGN OF THE POWER SUPPLY The whole device is necessary to power up of several voltages. The preamp requires a symmetrical voltage 15 V, IRS2092 class d power amplifier symmetric 100V and to +12 In the against the negative branch. The desired performance of the one-hundred-volt branches for the amp is 500 Watts of power, implying the capacity of each branch current of 2.5 a. Classic transformer to the mains voltage with the amount of the secondary windings with the above mentioned voltages would have been hard to come by and custom made one piece is an expensive proposition. For these reasons, it is preferable to use switching power supply, which has also a coil or a transformer, but their retraction, and the composition is substantially easier.

UC3844 2X100V SMPS Circuit Schematic

2X100V 500W Audio Amplifier SMPS Power Supply switchmode uc3844 2x100v smps circuit schematic 120x120

Topology without transformer in case this work cannot be used. Galvanic connection to the network, which is typical, would complicate the interconnection of the entire device with a source of audio-signal and the implementation would only be possible for small differences in voltage, i.e. only for the power supply branch 100 Volts for the amplifier. Transformer ETD44/N87 will be because of their large size in a horizontal position. The skeleton for such a position has a similar pin layout as the integrated circuit. It also follows the numbering of the pins. Outlets are spaced so that there is it was possible to simply tap on the printed circuit board to other components without undue crossing.

2X100V 500W Audio Amplifier SMPS Power Supply 100v 500w class d irs2092 audio amplifier smps power supply

As the control unit of the switching power supply is selected, the integrated circuit UC3844. This the circuit is used for applications with a fixed working frequency, adjustable by external elements. Include in a group with a very complicated internal structure, but a small number of outlets and therefore even small the number of external components. Its reference voltage is temperature compensated. It is designed for excitation of the MOSFET transistors with the capacity of control electrodes in 1 nF. The circuit has an adjustable duty cycle from 0-50%. Based but of their predecessors, which had an adjustable duty cycle from 50 to 100 %. Innovation has solved the so-called FLIP-FlOP circuit, which skips every other period. The circuit includes current and voltage protection.

2X100V 500W Audio Amplifier SMPS Power Supply 100v smps pcb 120x120 2X100V 500W Audio Amplifier SMPS Power Supply 100v smps pcb 2 120x120

2X100V 500W Audio Amplifier SMPS Power Supply srcb 2X100V SMPS Circuit pcb schematic all files alternative links: 2x100v-500w-audio-amplifier-smps-power-supply.rar alternative link2

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