Making a High Current Shunt Resistor

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Making a High Current Shunt Resistor

Since I don’t work at very high powers, power electronics, measurement etc. Like many electronics, I use a stone resistor, in fact, it’s healthier to use a metal type shunt resistor, sometimes I wrap it in a shunt resistor. I don’t know how suitable the type of material used for handmade shunt resistors is, I don’t know how suitable the type of material is, generally manganin and different metal alloys are used in the production of shunt resistors, but there was no problem in the application.

The value of the shunt resistance made was measured at a peak current of about 800A in a 100μΩ welding machine.

To measure aluminum shunt resistance, a spool of wire (approximately 3Ω) was connected in series with an adjustable 0-30V power supply. Then, both the current passing through the resistor and the voltage across it were measured. As shown in the photo below, the current is 5.6A and the voltage is 0.56mV, giving a resistance of 100µΩ.




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