Air Core, Toroid Coil Calculator Programs

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Air Core, Toroid Coil Calculator Programs

The coil has an inductance (expressed in Henry and submultiples – “L”), a ballast to the passage of alternating current (expressed in Ohms – “X”), a resistance to the passage of direct current (“R” – in Ohms) , a factor of merit.

L ‘inductance is the ability to store electrical energy in an electromagnetic field. The ballast is an electrical resistance element that offers to the passage of an alternating current having a certain frequency. The factor of merit (or quality) expressed with the letter Q is the ratio of the reactance (inductive in this case) and the sum of all the losses associated with the decrease in energy in transit

Air Core Calculator Program


The toroidal cores (Amidon is one of the major manufacturers) have extensive application in radio frequency circuits and power supplies.

The magnetic materials used for the construction of the toroidal cores are many but the two main ones are: iron powder (iron powder) and the ferrite. The salient features of these nuclei are: the size, the permeability (μ), the frequency range and maximum power.

The permeability is the ratio of flux density in the material (B) and the flux density in the air (H): in other words is the measure of the relative ease with which a magnetic flux is established, the symbol that represents it is the Greek letter μ (μi = micro index). With increasing H, B tends to saturate as there is a limit value of induction when all the magnetic dipoles align with the field of material required. In general, the higher the permeability, the lower the working frequency recommended.

Toroid Coil Calculator Program


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