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Amplifiers with 1000 watts or more. Mini amplifier is a standard amplifier, as well as quality amplifier. Mono stereo amplifier, Class D Amplifier High-power amplifier circuits, low-power amplifier circuits, bjt mosfet transistor, integrated designs projects.

100W Hifi Amplifier Circuit

| 2008/01/12

100W Hi Fi Amplifier circuit has quite a stylish design pcb printed circuit mono tracks you want to be found easily, or two-channel stereo is available with two circuits. MJE15030 output power transistors (NPN) MJE15031 (PNP) output filter 16 from the wire coil wrapped around 0.75mm 15ohm 2w on the resistance of the circuit to…

100 Watt Stereo Amplifier STK4231

| 2008/01/11

STK4231 2x100watt two-channel stereo amp circuit power supply circuits on the same PCB printing do not need to create additional PCBs. STK4231 amplifier part list 56k 1/4w 2x 10k 1/4w 2x 1k 1/4w 4x 100ohm 1/4w 2x 4,7k 1/4w 4x 560ohm 1/4w 2x 4,7ohm 1/4w 4x 3,3k 1/4w 2x 2,2k 1/4w 2x 470pf 63v 2x…

TDA7294 Multi Mode PCB 200W Stereo Mono

| 2008/01/11

An amplifier circuit with TDA7294 a simple inexpensive quality you want with a single circuit 200w Mono Stereo want you can use 2 × 100 TDA7294 200W PCB TDA7294 Europe are well-known ST SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics, the company launched in 90 years on behalf of a very DMOS innovative set dictates the success rate of discharge…

LM3886 Amplifier Circuits Archive

| 2008/01/11

Personally, I use an integrated LM3886 obviously a Popular and saw a lot of applications in electronics store, most are cheap and low cost, using very few ingredients can make your amp with LM3886 Circuit-1: Amplifier circuit 50w power pcb design made ​​quite a small clamps and connectors for input and output power connections on…

2X100 Watt Class-T Amplifier Circuit TA2022

| 2008/01/11

The TA2022 is a 90W (4Ω) continuous average per channel Class-T Digital Audio Power Amplifier IC using Tripath’s proprietary Digital Power Processing (DPPTM) technology. ClassT amplifiers offer both the audio fidelity of Class-AB and the power efficiency of ClassD amplifiers. Class-T architecture High Power 100W @ 4ohm, 1.0% THD+N 90W @ 4ohm, 0.1% THD+N 60W…

STK4044 STK4050 Amplifiers Circuits PCB

| 2008/01/11

STK4044 STK4050 PCB files. lay is the extension with Sprint-Layout you can open programs you are not using 5.0 only trace found in the file and Sprint-Layout-Viewer which is free for Print Program use: STK4044 STK4050 100 watts to 200 watts amp pcb circuit diagram of Files: FILE DOWNLOAD LINK LIST (in TXT format): LINKS-45.zip

TDA2030A Amplifier for MP4 MP3 Player

| 2008/01/11

Evening at the request of a 12-volt battery will work with the simple quality needed to make a mono amp circuit TDA2030A was a good choice to be counted as good as price and performance of an integrated amplifier Know do not have any mp3/mp4 player quite common constantly are developing audio outputs for an…

STK4221 Amplifier PCB

| 2008/01/11

STK4221 amp It works just fine Like I said, 5.1 part of the system RL RR FR FL output stage was STK4221 It has been used CENTER and BASS Part PCB Editing after yayınlayacag this circuit PCB organize the I change has been more tidy now, in addition Feed for solid PCB’ve added a stereo…