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Etiket: MCP6022

Audio Spectrum Analyzer dsPIC30F6012 MCP6022

A Digital, real-time Audio Spectrum analyzer circuit for audio devices is presented in this project. This circuit aims to professionals or hobbyists who would like to embed it in an audio device or use it as a stand-alone unit. The Digital, real-time Audio Frequency

dsPIC30F2020 LED Psychedelic TC4427A MCP608 MCP6022 MCP6S26

The project requirements are related to technologies adopted: high power LEDs need to be driven with a constant current; digital filters need a fast DSP engine, to be implemented, and an A/D converter is required to transform an audio signal in a numerical representation.

dsPIC30F3013 Meter Clock MCP6022 MCP4011 MCP9700A

The goal of this project was to build an unusual desk clock using a combination of old and new technologies. Time is displayed using vintage electro-mechanical meters, but the current time is calculated using a Microchip dsPIC processor. Further, a vintage quartz crystal plus

dsPIC30F2012 electronic stethoscope amplifies

Programmable Gain Amplifier – MCP6S26; Microchip’s PGA, MCP6S26, is misused to dynamically suppress microphone realise and to multiple temperature device signaling to ADC manoeuvre of the set. This PGA is configured to jazz acquire 1 at DC and s/w manageable advance for AC signaling.

PIC16F88 ile akım ve motor rpm ölçümü assembly

Ölçüm devresi pic 16f88 üzerine kurulu diğer entegreler ise ICL7660 ve MCP6022 ben paylaşana kadar devreye motor RPM ölçüm bölümüde eklenmiş 🙂 gösterge için2x16 lcd kullanılıyor kaynak assembly asm, hex yazılımı ve eagle pcb çizimi var RPM Modülü lm358 üzerinekurulu basit bir devre ana