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ATMEGA8 Deneme Geliştirme Kartı

| 2008/06/14

In the folowing page I will present you an open source development board for ATMEGA8 builded especialy for Linux users. This development board is perfect for all the newbies that want to learn about AVR Microcontrollers or want to build some nice projects with it. ATMEGA8 DevBRD contains: *ISP programer *RS232 comunication (serial port) *HIGH…

40 Pin PIC16F,PIC18F Deneme Geliştirme Kartları

| 2008/06/05

This is a two-in-one PIC programmer and Experiment board for 40 pin PIC Micro devices.It easy to developt your program without insert/remove PIC micro.You just programming your code and then download to this board without any programmer .This board interface with parallel port.This board supports for PIC16F,PIC18F 40 pin devices . Kaynaklar: PICLab Deneme geliştirme…

PIC16F873 PIC16C84 Deneme Geliştirme Kartları

| 2008/04/21

PIC 16F873 demo board A PCB with firmware to exploit and test all the functions in this PIC microcontroller. The board features a LCD, keyboard, piezo sounder, Real Time Clock with backup power, I2C bus, potmeter for A/D conversion and more. I use Shane Tolmie’s exellent PIC Bootloader solution to download software into the microcontroller.…